Affiliate Marketing System


I am trying doing this by myself but I get a little lost some times so I prefer to ask the experts. :wink:

My idea is to launch an Affiliate Marketing System in which everybody had automatically:
- An easy blog with social interaction (product 1) with a members area with trainings (product 2).
- Affiliate links included within the blog automatically that goes to a landing page with autoresponder.
- Automated email campaing written by me to "sell" both the system and the members area to the affiliate leads with 100% commisions paid directly from the buyer to the affiliate paypal account (in case they bought both system & training).
- All transactions using paypal.
- Trying to translate as much as possible to spanish (as this will be directed to spanish market).

I was thinking on:
- Installing Wordpress Multisite.
- Plugins: Blog Template, Pay per Blog, Affiliate, Members and EasyBlogging.

Seeing what I want to do could you please give me some advice on what would you do/install and how to?

Thanks so much in advance I appreciate your help so much!
Pablo (garlor81)