Affiliate + MarketPress + Memberships Pro Not Working


I have been trying to test the Affiliate link tracking on both staging and production sites. On staging, I was able to get both Unique Links and Signups to track. I was unable to test paid because Sandbox feature was not working. I did test paid on the live site several times by turning on the Course in Coursepress Pro called “It’s a Wonderful Life” who’s cost is $.01. The Poetry Slam Course is also free but signing up for that did not track either. On the live site, “signups” are not being tracked at all. So, only unique clicks are currently being tracked. How can I fix this?

Our goal is to be able to see revenue associated with an affiliate. The “payment” that we need to track would either be coming through MarketPress or Memberships Pro. If you were to log in right now, Memberships Pro is not set up all the way so that is less of an issue than MarketPress.

Thank you so much for your time!