Affiliate Plugin + Affiliate Front End Shortcode

This is an Idea I had earlier today as I was raising issues in another thread.

The affiliate plugin uses an admin page to display a user’s statistics and charts and a form for a user to activate their affiliate account, input their paypal email address, as well as their website info.

Since this information is available to every logged in user, whether they are signed up as an affiliate or not, I beieve it would be possible, and infinitely more desirable, to create a short-code or buddypress plugin to display or enter the exact same information to the user on a page on the front end, keeping users out of the wordpress ugly backend.

With member or supporter plugins, the short-code would allow admins to show the info to logged in members on a protected page, while the buddypress addon would be able to show the info in their private settings pages.

a simple “You must be logged in to view this information.” notice being displayed could bridge the backend gap between logged in and logged out/visitors