Affiliate Plugin Doesn't Open Up Report

As you can see in the first attachment I am on the Affiliate Referrals section for the User. You can tell by the URL that I am on that page. I have hovered over one of the months to show you the URL that it says it is going to go to if I click the URL. Once I click the URL the plugin loops back to the same page but changes the URL as if it went the sub page showing me stats on all the people I referred. I am looking for a way for my Affiliates to know who they referred onto their team and I believe that I am in the right place. I know as a Super Admin I can access this information, but I would really love to know how my Affiliates can access the information on whom they have referred, who is paid sign ups, etc. so that they can track their progress and also know who to contact --- the people who've signed up.


Fadie Hany Areny