Affiliate Plugin enhancement request

I have a request for the Affiliate Plugin and/or Supporter Plugin upgrade. I'm not sure if this may require a new plugin or if the existing plugin can be extended to handle this functionality.

I am looking for the ability to create a affiliate payment structure that is multi-level. In other words, instead of paying only a simple percentage to the affiliate, I want the affiliate to be able to earn commissions from effort of other affiliates that he/she has recruited so that an affiliate can build a downline organization.
Part 2 of this enhancement is a little more involved. Implement a direct-pay system ideally with PayPal so that when new member signs up via an affiliate link the payment is distributed directly to the upline chain into each eligible PayPal account of the respective upline affiliates who would have their registered Payal address in their profile.

I'm interested to find out if this is something that you would consider as a Network Marketing Enhancement to the affiliate plugin.