Affiliate Plugin Feature Requests


I really enjoy a lot of the plugins that you create and highly enjoy my membership to this site.

That being said, I would like to make some feature suggestions for the affiliate plugin.

You will see that there are other plugins in the market place that have more features (that I would really like to use and need)

These are the two plugins I am referring to:

The features that these plugins have that the WPMUDev plugin does not is:

The ability to set up Super Affiliates, that is you can set the affiliate commission for individual users or you can have a two tiered system, one for regular affiliates, one for super affiliates.

Advanced Payout Management
You can easily filter your affiliates by minimum payout and dates. Magic Affiliate will let you create Mass Payment files for PayPal.

Autoresponder integration with Aweber.

Ability to add refunds and have the plugin automatically re-calculate commissions

Modify the welcome message in the Affiliates’ dashboard

Again, I'm not trying to put down your plugin or hard work that you do but would like to see some of these features if possible integrated into the WPMUDev Affiliate Plugin.