Affiliate plugin for Pro Sites

I know that the Affiliate plugin from WPMUdev works with Pro Sites but unfortunately it is lacking some very important features. I am wondering if anyone knows of either:

A. A way to make the Affiliates plugin do what I want
B. Another plugin that works with Pro Sites

What I need is for commissions on Pro Site signups to be a defined percentage of the total. Currently Affiliates only allows a fixed number. This is also problematic because I have three different signup levels and believe a higher commission should be paid out for more expensive purchases.

In addition to that critical feature, I would like the option of paying out recurring commissions as well.

Also the idea of a tiered affiliate program sounds very appealing as well.

Another feature (not sure if something like this exists) would be the ability to pay affiliates for other things in addition to commissions. For example, an affiliate could provide support to some of my customers or do some dev work for me. This is just a cool thought I think.

Suggestions are quite welcome.