Affiliate plugin + Gravity Forms

Good morning people. Hope you can help. First off I am not really a coder, so while I know this can be done, I was hoping for some step by step help.

I want to use Affiliate Plugin for a slightly different purpose. It is to actually track leads on Gravity Forms. There is no monetary compensation for what I need, but I do need to send the form notification to the person actually holding the affiliate link.

To do this, I would use Gravity Forms using a URL parameter. Then I want to set a condition to email the form to a specific address depending on the url parameter. Now I would know how to do all that, the only problem being that I need the value of the parameter stored in a session and then retrieved again on the form if the same visitor comes back too the site directly another day.

Gravity Forms Dynamic Population does support hooks etc, but I don't know what hook I need to write in order to retrieve the stored parameter then populate it into gravity forms.