Affiliate plugin- How to set it up?


Thanks once again for the last, super fast, answer. Hopefully it will be the same for this question :slight_smile:

I have a multisite and I have recently introduced and activated the Affiliate plugin. Questions:

1) Is it a standalone plugin or should I use it together with other plugins in order to function properly?

2) If it is a standalone, is there a user manual because the Usage section is not self explanatory enough? Could you send me the manual?

3) Does the plugin function like this: a user signs up on my multisite, s/he gets approved and then, when entering the dashboard, s/he should see only the Profile section and the Affiliates Settings. Is that right? Because I introduced an user, I approved him and on the dashboard it was only the Profile section ( not the Affiliate part). What is the problem?

Waiting for your answer I send you my very best,

Dr. Victor Carcale