Affiliate plugin- How to set it up?


Thanks once again for the last, super fast, answer. Hopefully it will be the same for this question :slight_smile:

I have a multisite and I have recently introduced and activated the Affiliate plugin. Questions:

1) Is it a standalone plugin or should I use it together with other plugins in order to function properly?

2) If it is a standalone, is there a user manual because the Usage section is not self explanatory enough? Could you send me the manual?

3) Does the plugin function like this: a user signs up on my multisite, s/he gets approved and then, when entering the dashboard, s/he should see only the Profile section and the Affiliates Settings. Is that right? Because I introduced an user, I approved him and on the dashboard it was only the Profile section ( not the Affiliate part). What is the problem?

Waiting for your answer I send you my very best,

Dr. Victor Carcale

  • victor_carcale


    What kind of authority should a user have to be an affiliate? i.e. if he is admin, it's not ok as s/he will have authority over my main site ( If s/he is editor, as I have installed the Easy Blogging system, they will not see the platform created with Easy Blogging, so the customized dashboard, but the main WP options. If s/he is set as "author", the Easy Blogging platform appears but only with " Dashboard" and "Profile"- not the Affiliates button. "Author" should be the best option if there were an affiliate button in the platform created with Easy Blogging.

    Then, a second problem/question: Where do I know that the affiliate sends me clicks, sign-ups or paid members? You will tell me the statistics but how does the system know that it is about a sign-up ( a real one)?

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  • victor_carcale

    Hi again,

    I also see another problem. The Affiliate link does not appear underneath the Profile link as in Kimberly's pic. The steps I follow are:

    1. The new user is approved for my main site, but I approve it related to a site, that is the user is "connected" with my main site. Is that ok? Or it should be only in the network. The reason I approve the user related to a site is that is the only solution. How could I approve a user without assigning it to a site?

    Ever since I have started this affiliate path I have got a terrible headache. Any solution? Any medicine? :slight_smile:



  • Kimberly

    Okay , let me see if I can follow all of the above :slight_smile:

    The picture I posted was for a straight up mail site affiliate. No site, no addons, nada.

    It will change and look like what you are experiencing when the user creates a site and is made an affiliate.

    The easyblogging can be set to hijack the admin screen for the site admin so that they see the easyblogger screen you set up. you can create custom menu items for their affiliate reports as well if you want that. But that should be another ticket in the easyblogging community area :slight_smile:

    The affiliates will see their reports from their Dashboard. see first pic.
    They can check out what they are doing by visiting Users>affiliate referrals

    you can manage your affiliates via the manage affiliates tab on the Network Admin Affiliates menu

  • victor_carcale

    And another question: What is the role of the affiliate's PatPal email address? Is there an automatic payment between my main site and my affiliates?

    If you so very kind( and I know you are :slight_smile: please advise me with the settings and explain a bit the process ( especially the part with affiliate payment for one month/three months and 12 months( I told you that there is 1-300.00-99) and the debit/credit part as well as setting the payment for the account).

    Sorry for asking this typhoon of questions but I like the system so very much and I want to have everything perfect for the big launch of my multisite.



  • Mark Wallace

    Hello @victor_carcale

    Kimberly may be a little delayed getting back to you, She lives in the gulf area that just got hit by a hurricain. I usually don't respond once a staff member answers a thread, but i do know some of what you are asking.

    And another question: What is the role of the affiliate's PatPal email address? Is there an automatic payment between my main site and my affiliates?

    The answer to this as of last week was NO! All payment to affiliats are done manually. It is a good idea, because you wouldnt want a error to empty out your PayPal account.

    The second part of your question i am not sure about, but give her a little time and she will be with you, Also it is a holiday weekend so the othere staff members maybe a little slow with responses too!

    Thanks victor!

  • aecnu

    Greetings Victor,

    First I must say that I am happy to hear that your issue has been resolved, obviously by applying yourself and figuring it out.

    Is debit the amount the affiliate has to pay to me?

    The affiliate does not and never should have to ever be paying to you unless there is a refund from a purchase and therefore a charge back against the affiliate.

    And the credit the money I give to my affiliate?

    This may indeed be how much you owe the affiliate.

    Could you please post a screen shot of this for further clarification to be sure I am not giving answer out of context?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe