Affiliate Plugin + MLM

@WPMUDEV Pros (you know who you are)

First I'd like to thank you guys for all the work you have done on all of the plugins and themes you provide here, with particular focus on how to help Pro Bloggers make money on their MU-sites...

I just have a couple of questions.

1) Why have you stopped?

I guess it was some time back in the spring of 2010 when it seems Admins stopped really answering questions users put up about the Affiliate plugin. It was about then that someone decided that Copy/Paste-ing the default answer was the correct response for every question:

"Of course we designed the Affiliate plugin as a framework that you can hook into via custom plugins, so you can always hire a capable developer to do this for you. "

What most of us, who have read that trite, and oft repeated answer, want to know:

2) When Is There Going To Be A Part MORE?

You see... most of us are Blogging pros... some of us have a little common sense... and almost all of us have dealt with an affiliate program or two.. most of us on Both sides of the Affiliate process.

The referenced post is more of an introduction to Affiliate programs than an introduction to creating new interfaces for things like S2Member or BuddyPress, or any of the other community building plugins listed here. We know what the program does... What we want to know is:

3) How do we make it do something DIFFERENT?

And by different we mean coding in Multiple affiliate payments in Multiple Levels so our Affiliates can make money by using their individual Marketing skills. Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), and yes, I really did feel the need to spell it out for the copy/paste replier admins.

There are a whole threads in these forums on MLM systems, and even some code splashed around with questions and comments on what needs to be done to push Affiliate to the next MLM level, but no solid answers on HOW to do it...

Which brings me to my last question of this post:

4) Could whoever has had Success in adding MLM to the affiliate plugin, please sit down and take the time to explain what needs to be done, where, so that other WebMasters don't have to, oh... I don't know... go with a completely different plugin and drop the WPMUDEV site subscription entirely?

By my count that's at least one dozen people who have asked these particular sets of questions, without a single satisfactory answer having been offered since last spring. You really don't want us to start considering asking for repayment of a year's subscriptions, do you?