Affiliate Plugin Not Tracking/ no clicks/ no sales/ NOTHING

What can be the issue? Affiliate plugin not working at all. Not tracking clicks - no sales- nothing

FACTS: Im running
Wordpress 3.5
Buddypress 1.62

I have the ADD on set to active for pro sites under affiliate settings.

Payment gateway is : STRIPE
Confirmed the payment is processing I used my real credit card and see the charge in my bank account
Possible Issue:
Notification from the STRIPE gateway not sending callback/notification the payment has been paid.
WHY I Say this ?
Because even after I paid with my real credit card Pro- Site still didnt activate my blog it said I needed to make a payment to enable my blog. When infact i did pay, its on my bank account as proof.
I have looked in the community im tired of searching and digging for answer
HELP HELP ! I cant swim

Pro-sites with Affiliate not working