Affiliate Plugin – Payment Terms


It is not clear when exactly a commission is earned with this plugin. Is it:

  • Only paid one-time upon the initial payment?
  • Is this a recurring payment schedule as long for as long as the referred client is a paying customer?

Thank you! – Scott

PS – I am finding your plugins are wonderful, but there is a lack of instruction on how to use them. Writing docs sucks – I know – but it would great if some of the more robust plugins had step-by-step directions (e.g. Supporter plugin – Bulk Updates). Just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work!

  • Sue
    • Recruit

    Hi Scott, since I’ve involved with working on the documentation I was wondering if you could provide more feedback in terms of ‘how to use them.’

    I’m guessing that for the supporter plugin you are probably looking at both more detail information on how to set up plus also wanting more information on how your users use them (since that helps you understand how the plugin works). Similar in a sense to how I’ve explained how to use Batch Create ( ) but for supporter in more detail?

    So for example for users you might want information like:

    1. How to sign up to be a supporter and how to disable ads –

    2. How to use your bulk upgrade credits – (yes updating those screenshots is on my to-do list)

  • jc57
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I wanted to add something here. As a new user I can follow the installation instructions but once I then go to try to find where my plugin is in the admin menu I am often hunting for it. I then have found for example with the affiliate plugin that I haven’t got instructions on what all those settings mean. It can be confusing as each plugin has such a specific function, screenshots of items in the settings with a brief explanation sometimes for harder items. I find the themes the same, I am using Social for Buddypress and it had so many options I wasn’t clear what I was changing or where for example H1 headings were on the page. I could have done with a screenshot pointing out what I was changing. I did work it out in the end (all except for H1 heading in the header that didn’t want to change) but I spent hours tweaking and that could have been resolved with more documentation. I am a teacher so I guess I’m used to making instructions fit even for the most beginner of students which is how I would class myself on MU.

  • cody
    • New Recruit

    Is there any way to modify the affiliate plugin to pay out every month?

    I remember seeing that feature available in one of the ecommerce affiliate plugins. You could create a list of affiliates who had people buying products, then you could export the list and pay them all manually. Or, is there a way to make it automatically pay out each month/pay period?

  • drpaul
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Cross Posted…

    ok… Let’s just say, I’m not a programmer

    I need help with three things…

    1) Integration with the S2member plugin (free on for affiliate recognition and tracking.

    2) setting the affiliate plugin to track residual, recuring payments from monthly subscriptions.

    3) setting affiliate downlins in a multi-level process

    since affiliate plugin, also uses plugins, is it possible for these three items could be built and presented here to the community?

    I am willing to pay the developers here for each of these three items, and I noticed all of these projects have been discussed by different users and developers across the forums.


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