affiliate plugin when will there be updates?

I had put in suggestions for additions to the affiliate plugin to make it more competitive with what is out in the marketplace and that would also assist your users. Can you tell me if any changes will be forthcoming to the affiliate plugin and when? Also, pls add that it would be great if the plugin could track incoming that instead of purchasing the membership right off instead sign up for the free book or the free training. Having that tracked would then reward the affiliate when the person does buy in the future. Or is there some way that the plugin can already track non-purchases that were referred by an affiliate partner? thanks

  • aristath

    Hello there @gigi, I hope you're well today.

    The developer of the affiliates plugin has started a few months ago a rewrite of the plugin to improve the way it works and to make it better and more well-written in general.

    I'm afraid I don't have an ETA or list of features that will be implemented, all I can tell you is that the plugin is currently undergoing a lot of changes.

    As for your suggestion, I didn't quite understand what you want the plugin to track... is it registrations?

    Please advise,

  • Paul


    Yes, I want the plugin to track registrations for free downloads or for free trainings. That way an affiliate can promote a service and we can track if that service converts to a sale.

    But most affiliate programs don't function on free things. For example I'm an affiliate with I post a widget on my own website. When visitors to my website click on one of the advertised links from the widget and are taken to the site they are then expected to make a purchase. It the user only purchases a $0.00 cost item there is no revenue paid to my account.

    This is going to be the same with our Affiliate plugin. You can setup integration with MarketPress for example. And with that integration setup a flat revenue amount to be paid to your affiliate users when someone makes a purchase. But you would not reward your affiliate when someone downloads a free item. Would you?

    I think instead of keeping on the purchase you key on the referral link from the remote website. Maybe setup a low revenue amount $0.002 per unique incoming link using the affiliate's reference. Then see what sort of conversion to a sale you get from that.

    Maybe I'm missing something in how you are attempting.

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