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I have a few questions hopefully someone can assist me.

My experience

In testing the plugin it seems to take the user signing up to the front page of the site instead of the sign up page is that correct. Then once you click register it takes you to registration page but affiliate link is not there. So referral is lost.

1. How can we correct that
2. Now on the affiliate's end when you key in your url in the advance settings it then shows you a link that says, "http://" <- Is this correct? Is there a way to fix?

I understand that we can use banners but is it possible for the user to receive just a widget within the install of this plugin and they should just be able to insert affiliate link and it will automatically create in sidebar as long as they activate it in widgets area. Just an idea.

Thank you for this plugin. I just want it to work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • DavidM
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    Hi anyahmonroe,

    I'm not sure I understand your first query, as Affiliate itself doesn't affect the registration process, nor is it available before a user is logged in. Could you please clarify what you're looking for on that one?

    Regarding your second query, I'm seeing the same on a test site regarding the 'http://' link. I'll notify the developer on that matter.


  • anyahmonroe
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    Ok. I see the updates. Mucho thanks.

    The issue I am having from before is when the user clicks the affiliate link where should it take the new user. Should it take them to the front page of the site or the sign up page of the site.

    Reason I am asking is the link currently is taking the new user to the front page however when the new user clicks sign up to join the affiliate link disappears and if that new user signs up the credit is not received to the affiliate.

    I know this is kinda of wordy but I want to explain it in the most detail so we can resolve.


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