Affiliate recurring commissions


I just want to clarify some thing...
One of your staff members said this to me

"The affiliate plugin currently only one off payments, so it couldn’t be used to pay recurring commissions."

But this statement isnt correct according to:

it clearly says that the Affiliate system can handle "recurring commissions" if you read, so is this correct?
(See below)

So my question is.

If a person reffered 10 people to sign up for a "blog", will that member be paid
per month as long as these persons are "Subscribers" as an affiliate.

I really need this to work, as this will be the NO 1 reason for me to Choose you
as a "company". Please help me out...

"The second line checks to see if we have already paid our affiliate for this referral. On systems that handle recurring or subscription based payment models, a payment may be triggered more than once. In this particular scenario, we only want to pay our affiliate on the first payment we receive (the initial upgrade), so if a payment is already recorded then we need to know about it before we do anything.
Which is precisely what the following line does:"

if($aff && $paid != 'yes') {

do_action('affiliate_purchase', $aff, $amount);

(the define AFFILIATE_PAYONCE is set in the affiliateincludes/includes/config.php file. You can set this to no or remove it if you want to make a recurring payment, or simply ignore it and mark the blog as paid if you don’t need the option).

PS! You rareley answer follow up messages in the Forums....