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how does one create a front end sign up area for the affiliate plugin? Where is there documentation on this plugin that I can read upon it?

  • Michael B

    I want to be sure I'm on the right track here - the affiliate plugin says that it works great with the marketpress store set up. Obviously, I want to offer people an affiliate link to get a commission from people who use their link. What isn't obvious is how these two things can work together. I really would like to not feel I'm wasting time and money on this. Can someone tell me how these things work together and what the best way to make that happen is? (because it's not entirely obvious)


  • aecnu

    Greetings michaeldivine,

    Thank you for the additional questions.

    Can someone tell me how these things work together and what the best way to make that happen is?

    You would want them to be able to register like any other user but NOT creating web sites. This would be done in the settings choosing User accounts may be registered.

    Also, I have signed up a test user as an affiliate. In the admin area for that user, there is the affiliate information - stats and such.

    But has this test user actually joined the program?

    However, when I go to the main administrator page for the Affiliates plugin, there are not any affiliates shown. Why is this?

    I am suspecting that the user has indeed not actually joined the program as mentioned above. Please check into this - there is a specific "join" situation.

    How is it affiliate ready and how does one implement this if not in the method that I'm attempting?

    I think you are doing just fine but you have not had the test user actually join the program?

    So to activate the affiliate program for themselves they need to --> logged into the dashboard --> Profile --> Affiliate Referrals --> Enable Affiliate links and answer yes please --> Input their PayPal address and then click update settings.

    Then once they have done that they need to --> Hello, Thank you for supporting us, to view or change any of your affiliate settings click on the edit link. --> and clicking on edit indeed gets them their personalized affiliate link.

    Now that we have covered the exact procedure for adding affiliates and we have one completely added, unless they have some statistics they do not show unless you do a specific search for their user name - that is why if you have indeed already successfully added them you do not see their user name - you must search for it as the screen suggest --> Find user with username --> Search But you can also just click search with the box empty and it will bring the list of users up.

    That should do the job for you.

    Cheers, Joe

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