Affiliate Unique Click, User Role, User ID and Cookie


I've read the Affiliate Plugin usage but still with a few questions:

1. Unique Click Reports:
Let's say it shows 5 unique clicks. When I click on the link, it still shows only the number of clicks by months. I tried the shortcodes, but it does not work out.

In the unique click report, how can I check which links/products are clicked through that affiliate?

2. Affiliates by WP User Role:
Eg. Subscriber, 25% commission,
Contributor, 50% commission.

Is that integrated in the plugin?

3. User ID:
Default: username-37
How can I set only username? No "-" sign, No "#".

4. Credit Cookies:
Is it the right code to recognize only new cookies?

Example: John clicked on Tom's link, and did not buy anything for 25 days.
But on Day 26, John clicked on Jerry's link and made a purchase.

Will that purchase credit Tom or Jerry? (with the about code)

5. Days Cookies:


That sets 45 Days to track Affiliate’s link. What number to set if it's unlimited days, i.e. track only the new cookie.

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