Affiliate URL Advanced settings

Affiliate Advanced Settings

There are times when you would rather hide your affiliate link, or simply not have to bother remembering the affiliate reference to put on the end of our URL.

If this is the case, then you can enter the main URL of the site you will be sending requests from below, and we will sort out the tricky bits for you.

I am trying to figure out how this works? Is it from a top level of the URL such as or does it have to be a specific URL such as If it is the latter will it also pick up on subdomains such as

I am interested in this because what is to stop someone from coming into this, becoming an affiliate and then entering their url as or something like this and then undermining all my advertising I am running.. or hijack someone else's ads on their site? Is there a way to moderate this from an admin level to help monitor or prevent this?

Also if I enter a url, and someone else enters the same one as a different affiliate, will it allow both URLs in the system? how does it determine who gets the affiliate credit if both have the same URL?

Thanks for the help...