[Affiliates] Affiliates plugin – development needed

We use Membership Pro 2 on VideoBiker.co.uk and cannot find any 3rd party affiliate plugin options that support Membership Pro (do you know any?). We've added the WPMUDEV Affiliates plugin, but it seems to be in need of some further development to make it a fully viable affiliate payment solution. Is there any plan or opportunity to develop it further?

Via 'manage affiliates' – ability to:

– Enable a new affiliate

– To add/edit their web addresss

– To add/edit their PayPal email address

Ability to adit text

i.e. 'Hello, Thank you for supporting us, to view or change any of your affiliate settings click on the edit link.'

Ability to export 'month specific' payments and then pay 'month specific' balances. i.e we need to be able to our affiliates a minimum of 30-days in arrears.