[Affiliates] Affiliates Plugin Multi-Network Support

I work on Multi-Networks, and would like to use the Affiliate plugin. But when I network-enable it on ONE of my Multi-Network Networks (can be both the Master-Multisite or any Child-Multisite), then the same settings are shared for ALL Networks under my Multi-Network.

I would need to define different Affiliations for different Multisites under the same Multi Network. This would allow a Child-Multisite-01 to pay affiliations to User-01, Child-Multisite-02 to pay to User-02 and so on.

This way I can create differente Networks under a same Multi-Network, where each Child-Multisite pays Affiliation Comissions to a different user, creating a new incoming for both me and my Network-Head-Customers...

It would allow users to have just one Multi-Network Install, with multiple Child-Multisites having each one a different Affiliation Scheme.

Hope we can have this done! Thank you very much!