[Affiliates] Affiliates - Unsolved Error - 20180416

RE: Unresolved Ticket - No Reply On this ticket Since March 29:

This is high priority - Please Reply On Above Ticket...

  • James Morris

    Hello VirtualArtists

    I'm terribly sorry for the delay. Checking that thread, I was the last person to reply there. I've already pinged SLS regarding this issue and I pinged them again today to ask for an update.

    For future reference: Please do not create a new thread regarding an issue you already have an existing ticket for. Since staff was the last to respond on your previous ticket, you simply could reply back in the original thread asking for an update (best to only do this once). This would have pushed the ticket back into our queue and got our attention again. :slight_smile: Please keep in mind that bumping a ticket multiple times in a row will actually have the opposite effect.

    Since this ticket is already for an existing matter, I will close this one. Please continue any further discussion in the original ticket.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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