Affiliates and MarketPress

Greetings. I found a good amount of discussions over integrating the Affiliates plugin with the MarketPress plugin, but none with definite solutions. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be any documentation to help us create an Affiliates plugin addon to accomodate.

Barry (in this post) mentions that it is quite easy to hook in and extend, but doesn't say how or which methods are needed. Is there any documentation online to identify where the Affiliate plugin should hook into MarketPress in order to get started on paying affiliate commissions based on sales? I understand that Affiliates plugin "listens" or "watches" activity. I guess I need to know what activities I should be watching in order to add Affiliate commission. Barry said it could be done "with a single line of code." I am willing to take a stab at this since I need it working immediately. If it does not, I'll have to reach out to another service.

Thanks for the discussions and help, everyone. I hope to get this working soon.