Affiliates and Marketpress Integration?

Hi there,

I'm looking to integrate Marketpress with Affiliates as I'm considering using it as a replacement for WooCommerce.

At this point, I find it rather confusing and hope you can clarify a few things:

1. Is it possible to see the correlation between individual sales by a particular affiliate and the related buyer? i.e. John Smith buys Product A (order #1) through an affiliate link from Jane Doe - will I be able to see that in my dashboard as Super Admin?

2. How can I add affiliates (per 1 or ideally in bulk) to my admin as a super admin and get their affiliate link without having to log in on their behalf?

3. I don't care much for Sign ups and Paid members which are two of the default settings in the chart and table. I'm looking to display referrals and sales. How do I change this?

Hope you can help!