Affiliates integration with CubePoints

It seems like CubePoints is a popular plugin, and Phil mentioned future integrations with WPMU Dev products. Here is how I foresee one of the integrations -- with Affiliates:

WPMU would offer a free add-on "module" to CubePoints that we could activate to allow incoming unique links, signups, and paid memberships to translate to different points levels.

This would be great! I was planning to give out points for *sharing* content across a multisite network. But it is much better to reward *results*! Bring traffic to the main site, or any site across the network, and earn CubePoints.

See my other post about connecting Affiliates with Floating Social too:


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    There isn't any specific planned CubePoints integration but it's something that has been added to MarketPress so far.

    With Affiliate, it doesn't actually make payments so to add CubePoints would change this behaviour.

    Instead, Affiliate tells you the number of sign-ups which you can then use to pay the affiliate manually using the PayPal e-mail address they've provided.

    You could simply swap out PayPal for CubePoints, gifting affiliate points based on sign-ups they've generated using the CubePoints user/email provided.


  • sherpabizdev
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    Got it. Good points. It looks like this piece is already feasible for me. It would just be a manual process (that I imagine could be automated somehow) where I add points to a give member based upon data that Affiliates plugin can easily display to me.

    Makes sense.


Thank NAME, for their help.

Let NAME know exactly why they deserved these points.

Gift a custom amount of points.