Affiliates Manually Selecting/Adding Affiliate inof

OK, this one is for @Barry I think. @aecnu seems to agree.

is there any way to auto generate the affiliate URL without logging in, clicking edit. and choosing yes?

can it be done in a mysql client, by me?

my affiliates are registering on a form (not as a wp user at first), and my VA is entering them as wp users, so I just want to skip the step of her having to LOGIN as them.

here are the db rows in wp_usermeta for user # 9, named georgejetson:

446 9 enable_affiliate yes
447 9 affiliate_paypal
448 9 affiliate_reference georgejetson-44
449 9 affiliate_hash aff5cad61afb6ef626590c5c260fb41e437

446 is easy
447 is easy
448, I assume I can create a number after username-
449, what generates this hash, and I assume its used in the cookie?

I don’t think that is the URL hashed, I think it’s the cookie data

I have previous threads about the affiliate URL

@Barry ... thoughts?