Affiliates & Members not installing

Last night just after I bought I tried installing Affiliates and Members and it came up with as “ERROR”. What do I do next?

Many thanks, Mike

P.S. Sent this via my wp dashboard last night – so sorry if this is a repeat

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    I’m sorry you are experiencing problems but I’m confident we will find a way to get it resolved.

    Where are you getting an error? Can you send a link to the page? Are you running a stand alone WordPress installation or a multisite? Also, maybe a brief summary of your vision for your site. Once we have a little more investigative information it will help identify the problem. Thanks.

    All the best,


  • PC
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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your post.

    The ERROR might come due to n number of reasons. The most common reason is a plugin conflict.

    Can you please test for a plugin conflict by disabling all other plugins on your site apart from WPMU DEV Dashboard and then try to install Affiliates plugin and see if that works ?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

  • mike_mukhopadhyay
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    So the problem here is a couple of plugins are essential to keep my site working for my current users (particularly a Premise membership/landing page plugin – I’m thinking of changing to something else, hence trying you guys out!) – but I will try the non essential ones first.

    Many thanks. I’ll report back if it is Premise…

  • mike_mukhopadhyay
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    Hey PC,

    It’s Scarcity Samurai. Worse news than some plugins – but better news than Premise! :slight_smile:

    So now I have installed Affiliates fine and reactivated Scarcity Samurai. Is this a good idea?

    Do you think this conflict could mean that neither work as they should? Or is it likely to be just an installing issue?

    (If, of course you can answer this with the very limited information you have!)

    Thanks, Mike

  • PC
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    Hey Mike,

    I think it might only be related to the install error. That can only be found out if you can let me know what error message you were getting while you were trying to install the Affiliiates plugin with Scarcity Samurai active.

    If that causes any issues, please let us know and we will look into fixing it :slight_smile: You can also check it by trying to install any other plugin and see if it works ?

    Cheers, PC

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