Affiliates not showing clicks

I have verified that the referral link is working properly.

- I'm in a "fresh" browser
- Affiliate Debug reports that the cookie was set properly
- I can verify manually that a cookie exists in my browser session (name: affiliate_XXXXX value: affXXXXXX path: /)

Yet clicks/visits are not showing up in the reports. Not for the Admin or the User, and not even after 24 hours.

I have tried some suggestions picked up in the forum, making changes to my config...

define('ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH', '/');
define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');
define('COOKIEPATH', '');
define('SITECOOKIEPATH', '');


Notes about my set-up
- This is operating on the main site of a multisite installation.
- The Affiliates plugin is activated only on the root site. (not Network Activated)
- The referral visit is within that root site, never touching a sub-site

I saw in another thread regarding multisite Affiliate tracking issues that a fix was in progress, however, they were saying that clicks were reported, so I seem to be one step behind! Maybe related... maybe not.

Any ideas?

  • Ryan

    Hi Michael,

    I was running Affiliates with the Membership Add-On activated. I have deactivated that for now until I get the clicks reported. (one step at a time)

    I was trying the Debug Add-On and noticed that the Debug Notice would not display when the site was being cached (which makes sense... it couldn't add the notice to a static file) ... so I was sure to disable the cache, and delete cached files to be sure I was loading a dynamic page. Still no click report.

    I'm hesitant to disable plugins willy-nilly as this is a live site. Here's what I'm running on this site. I won't list any WPMUdev plugins, as I would hope there's not going to be any issues there.

    - Formidable
    - Formidable Registration
    - Simple Custom CSS
    - Simple Lightbox
    - WPBakery Visual Composer
    - Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
    - Stand Out - Text Emphasis
    - WP SES

    I don't see anything on that list that I would suspect of interference here. They are mostly adding CSS/JS files.


  • Ryan

    Interesting. I got my hands dirty and dug into the code. I got it to spit out an error message at the point it was recording the hit in the database, only to reveal that ...

    Table 'prefix_affiliaterecords' doesn't exist

    I took a peek in the database and saw that there was no 'affiliaterecords' table anywhere within the entire multisite.

    I will try a re-install of the plugin as the next step.

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