Affiliates Plugin - adding refferal agent id

Can I configure the affiliates plugin to require an affiliate id before the system will give access to a new site. I need to control who gets sites as I progress with my business. So, I see it working this way:

There exist Affiliates 1 to N
A user wants a site: Along with the other information he would also be required to provide an affiliate ID so that I can ensure the web site is given to someone who has gone through the process, in my case, an affiliate.

Does the plugin already do this or something similar and how do I configure the platform to do this.



  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Kuldeep,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    The plugin doesn't support this right now. I do think it's a cool idea though and I'll move it over to feature requests. Hopefully some other members will show their support too.

    In the meantime, if you wanted this option then it would need to be custom developed. We do have a jobs board for such occasions though:

    An alternative would be to add more of an application form to your site using any form plugin and have your affiliates apply for a site using their ID's then you can verify them and either create them a site manually, or give them access to the form. You could protect the form by using our Membership plugin:

    If you have any further questions on this just let us know :slight_smile:


  • Kuldeep
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    OK, if you're taking feature requests, it would be awesome if you could do a multi-affiliate level setup. So that would work:

    Example: 1. Senior Affiliate
    2. Level 2 Affiliate and so on
    Then The unique affiliate id could be used to manage the tier structure.

    If you need more info please let me know.

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