Affiliates Plugin Needs w9 tax form and human verification

Affiliates is super easy to setup and works great but needs more functionality.

In order for this to be workable out of the box there really needs to be a way to add an upload for w9 form on the user end and admin end. So prior to masspay it should have the option to only export payments for affiliates that have a w9 on file and have been human verified by an admin with some sort of field that shows they have been verified on the user end and only admin are able to edit this.

The key here is to let affiliates acquire commissions but if they want to get paid they have to fill out a w9.

I don't see any other way of running an affiliate program when you are giving away most of the revenue in affiliate commissions and if we had to go through the PayPal mass pay file with even just a couple hundred payouts it would get crazy don't you think?

Also detailed reporting on a per transaction basis. lol I keep asking maybe I'll get somewhere

Please :slight_smile:

Thank you Barry!!