Affiliates plugin not available at both network and sub-site level

Hi, I am using the affiliates plugin for managing affiliates.

I would like to use it at the network level integrated with pro-sites.

And would like to provide it to my customers at sub-site level integrated with membership.

However when I network activate the affiliate plugin, it is not available at the sub-site level.

And If I de-activate it at network level, it can be activated for the sub-sites, but now it cannot be used with pro-sites.

Can this be fixed in any way? Can I use the affiliate plugin both for pro-sites at network level, and for my customers with membership at sub-site level?

Thanks, Best Regards,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Santosh,

    Hope you are doing well today!

    This is not possible with the current version of Affiliates. As you have noticed, it must be network activated for Pro Sites or activated site by site for users.

    A potential work around here would be to use Affiliates for Pro Sites then install another affiliate tracking plugin that could track clicks sign ups etc. It might not integrate out of the box with Membership; however, it is possible.

    A feature like this is on the table for Affiliates, but it is still a ways off at the moment.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Santosh,

    I'd be happy to! Fortunately, our Affiliates plugin has pre-set shortcodes for you to put together your own front end affiliate page for your users.

    Here are the shortcodes you can use and the explanations for what they do:

    [affiliatelogincheck] – place this at the top of the page that you are planning on using the rest of the shortcodes on and it will display a login message if the user isn’t logged in.
    [affiliateuserdetails] – mirrors the affiliate details form from the admin area (yellow box)
    [affiliatestatstable] – mirrors the large click statistics table
    [affiliatevisitstable] – mirrors the referrers this month table
    [affiliatetopvisitstable] – mirrors the top referrers table
    [affiliatestatschart] – mirrors the main statistics charts
    [affiliatevisitschart] – mirrors the referrers charts
    [affiliatebanners] – displays the banners you add to your affiliate settings

    If the user isn’t logged in then none of the shortcodes will output anything (except for the top one).

    You can organize these however you like to build your affiliates page :slight_smile:

    Also, since this will be an actual physical WordPress page, you can also add any other content you like to it.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions here.

    All the best,

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