affiliates plugin not creating tables

Today I'm in the process of adding the affiliates plugin to a site. Once installed I found the page on this site that shows "usage" and there I found the shortcodes needed to make it work. To begin I added all the shortcodes to one page to start seeing where things lay out and what I wanted to do next. That's where I noticed the error message that a couple tables didn't exist. I didn't believe it so I tried a couple things like removing some of the shortcodes leaving only those that were causing errors, disabling other plugins (which didn't make sense given the error but, ehh.. I'll try anything once). Then I finally went digging into the DB and found the tables truly didn't get created. So I deactivated and uninstalled. Then re-installed. Checked DB still only has 1 new table. The ones that were throwing the error still are missing. So I did a find in the plugin folder and found where it's supposed to be creating the table in "includes/classes/affiliateadmin.php" I couldn't see anything wrong so at this point I could create the table manually if need be but I would think it should be creating them. Any ideas?