Affiliates Plugin – Payouts not registered


I’ve got the affiliates plugin installed and set up (also using the membership plugin).

There’s still a problem with registering payouts.

When I sign up for a membership through an affiliate link, the clicks and signups are registered, but there is no amount for payout in the affiliates report list.


There should be a registration of 2 x $4.50 in affiliate commissions for the bottom account.

Also, there’s something weird when I click ‘Manage affiliates’

Screenshot 2:

The marked signups are the paid signups. First I used a referral link to sign up for the free trial account, and upgraded afterwards.

Then (at the top of the report) I simply signed up for a paid account instantly (without registering for the free trial first.

Both registrations have ‘paid’ next to the free trial membership.

(Also, when I click the hyperlinked user ID, I get a WP error: invalid user ID)

I’m getting pretty frustrated, since I’ve been trying to get it to work for days now.

Can you please help me out?