Affiliates Plugin- Recurring Commissions Question

I've been looking over your affiliate plugin information and settings.

So far I can ONLY see options to set the ONE time commission for a sale. I would like to see the following:
-be able to set it to recurring monthly commissions, for sales that have a monthly or yearly recurring fee,
-be able to set first time commissions at one %rate, and then at a higher or lower commission % rate for the recurring commissions, i.e. 60% the first month, and 40% following,
-have a two tier affiliate program option, so affiliates can recruit other affiliates and make money on their sub-affiliates sales.

I believe that if you REALLY want a GREAT affiliate program, you need to reward them for their work. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN. The customer is getting what they need, your product or service. The affiliate is being rewarded for bringing you more customers, and if there is a continuing monthly payment, the affiliate should get a part each month. You win by getting more paying customers that you otherwise would not have had.

With the 2 tier program, the affiliate gets rewarded for bringing you more affiliates and more customers! Let's NOT BE GREEDY. Share with those who are helping you build your business.

Just some thoughts from an affiliate marketer. They are things I LOOK for in affiliate programs.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Thanks for those suggestions, tiered affiliate options are requested fairly often and I know it's something @Barry will be looking into for a future release but right now a single tier with a single commission is the only option in this plugin.

    I've moved this over to the feature request area so that Barry our developer on this one can see.


  • ronsmart
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @Barry do you have an expected release with these features? If so which additions and expected release date?

    I'm bugging the hell out of you today sorry. Love your guys work and don't want to have to go anywhere else for a couple sites I am putting together. So I need to plan for the future on these projects.

    Thank you!

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    No, not to my knowledge. I'm just getting started with the plugin. Taking over support from the previous developer. Will be looking into some of the requests. I do agree we need to add more options as far as how affiliates can track order commissions. Hope to have some of this in the coming months. First focus at the moment is cleaning up the code and getting familiar with the overall functionality.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @kylem, @LeneLarsen,

    If either of you are still interested in this I'd like to start a dialog on the functionality. We are looking to somehow implement a Multi-Level affiliate system. But will be starting at the site level.

    So under Multisite each sub-site can run their own affiliate system. Then somehow the primary site gets a percentage of each sub-site revenue. Maybe even tie this into ProSites where the percentage to primary is different based on the ProSites level.

    But I also like the idea of doing this at the user level. So if I join an affiliate system. Then users who follow my own affiliate like and signup as users/affiliates would be part of my 'crew' and I would get commission on their referrals.

    But I guess the issue I see is how to stop the levels. Meaning if new users signup under members of my crew then they would in effect have their own affiliate system. This could be a nightmare to keep track of with too many levels.

    I guess for that user MLM we need a way to limit this to X number of levels.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  • Director98248
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    I was the member who started this post & idea. I am Thomas John Fisher, username was Tom98248. I signed up again for a year (almost over) as Director98248, so it would be under my business entity.

    I am available to help with ideas, etc, but am NOT a coder. Can't help with that.

    This is still a great idea, and am excited to see you starting to work on it.

    Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.


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