Affiliates Plugin- Recurring Commissions Question

I’ve been looking over your affiliate plugin information and settings.

So far I can ONLY see options to set the ONE time commission for a sale. I would like to see the following:

-be able to set it to recurring monthly commissions, for sales that have a monthly or yearly recurring fee,

-be able to set first time commissions at one %rate, and then at a higher or lower commission % rate for the recurring commissions, i.e. 60% the first month, and 40% following,

-have a two tier affiliate program option, so affiliates can recruit other affiliates and make money on their sub-affiliates sales.

I believe that if you REALLY want a GREAT affiliate program, you need to reward them for their work. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. The customer is getting what they need, your product or service. The affiliate is being rewarded for bringing you more customers, and if there is a continuing monthly payment, the affiliate should get a part each month. You win by getting more paying customers that you otherwise would not have had.

With the 2 tier program, the affiliate gets rewarded for bringing you more affiliates and more customers! Let’s NOT BE GREEDY. Share with those who are helping you build your business.

Just some thoughts from an affiliate marketer. They are things I LOOK for in affiliate programs.