Affiliates Plugin with SSL (http vs https), SALT, server, etc.

I have some questions that might best be answered by Barry:

1) Does the affiliate URL and/or the cookie care if we are using http or https?
2) I assume the hash is built based on the SALT configured in wp-config, right?
3) If I move to a new host, that has a different file structure, as long as my WP install uses the same SALT, and question number one is answered, cookies will work fine, right?

4) If I do the following, how will the plugin respond....

a) clear cookies and then visit via an affiliate URL
b) make a backup of the site.
c) change my local hosts dns file on my local workstation to resolve to the new host and clear my dns cache.
d) restore my backup to the new host
e) as my browser will now resolve the previous domain name to the new host, will visiting with the cookied browser and registering and/or making a marketpress purchase register for the affiliate?

of course the answers to a-e will depend on Barry's answers to 1, 2, and 3.

No disrespect to the wonderful staff here, and I welcome any and all of your comments, but I think likely this one may need to be answered by @Barry.