Affiliates + Pro Sites not paying out

Hi There,
I have just installed Affiliates and set it up to work with Pro Sites. I just ran a test to check everything was working - I can see that the click, sign up and paid member has all been recorded correctly, and it's all been logged in the network dashboard, however, when I went to pay out nothing happened.
I tried to pay out by going to "Affiliate > Affiliate reports" and click on "Pay Balance" on the account that I just tested.
I also tried selecting the affiliate account and clicking the "Pay Balances" button on the top right - nothing happened except an array was shown like this:

I also noticed that the Export Payments button just downloads an empty txt file.
Can you please take a look at why this might not be working.

After a couple more tests, I noticed that the recorded number of "Clicks" and "Sign ups" is double what it should be - I've only run 3 tests, each with 1 click and 1 sign up each, so these numbers should match the number of paid signups (i.e. 3).

I also noticed that the top refferers box remains empty, saying "You have no referred visits this month."

  • Samuel

    Not sure if this is related, but I'm getting this error in my error log:

    WordPress database error Unknown column 'subscription_id' in 'field list' for query SELECT customer_id, subscription_id FROM wp_pro_sites_stripe_customers WHERE blog_id = 171 made by do_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_psts_pypl_ipn'), call_user_func_array, ProSites_Gateway_PayPalExpressPro->ipn_handler, ProSites->extend, ProSites_Gateway_Stripe::attempt_manual_reactivation, ProSites_Gateway_Stripe::get_customer_data

  • Nithin

    Hi Samuel,

    If I'm not mistaken, you must manually pay using the mass pay file as Affiliates doesn't automatically process it for you.

    You can find more info about in the plugin usage section:

    To download a Paypal Mass format you can click the link as shown here.

    I also noticed that the Export Payments button just downloads an empty txt file.
    Can you please take a look at why this might not be working.

    I could see you are using a different UI for your wp-admin, I wasn't able to find the Affiliates reports page. Could you please try selecting users you would like to pay, using the checkbox, and then click the Export Payment button, under Affiliates > Affiliates Reports.

    Could you please try these and see whether it clears other errors. Happy to troubleshoot if you still have problem.

    Kind Regards,

    • Samuel

      Hi Nithin
      Thanks for your reply,
      SO I think my mistake has been that I thought you just needed to select the users and hit the "Pay Balances" button - Am I right in thinking that actually this doesn't pay the balances, but rather just marks them as paid.

      If that's the case, by paying my clients manually, do you mean through my own paypal account by uploading the mass payment file?

      So the process would be:
      1) Select all the users to pay from "Affiliates > Affiliate Reports"
      2) Click export payments
      3) Manually pay using paypals mass pay feature by logging into my paypal account
      4) Go back to "Affiliates > Affiliate reports", select all users and click on "Pay Balances" to mark them as paid

      I think this is correct, but just can you confirm this is the correct process.

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