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sorry but I haven't found any previous relevant support-case solving my question:

Is it possible to promote and sell single Plugins such as the Snapshot Plugin?

I have a bunch of customers who are interested in this plugin without subscribing to any further support-services from WPMU.

Thank you,

  • faydra_deon


    Please also note that if your clients set up the one plugin, you don't have to use your Dev API key on their sites, which would give them access to all the plugins you're paying your membership for.

    You can activate the WPMU Dashboard on their dashboards, and they can get their own API key at no charge to them, but they will receive messages that let them know they can upgrade if they like.


    [from moderator] whoops, a bit of an error here, keep reading :slight_smile:

  • faydra_deon

    @Patrick Cohen:

    If you install any other asset before installing the Dashboard plugin, you get a notification telling you that you should install the Dashboard for important updates.

    Someone in another discussion was asking how to disable that message, because he was using the eNewsletter plugin on a client site and didn't want to install the Dashboard and give his API key to his client, so I started digging around for a way to disable the message in the eNewsletter plugin.

    When you go into Edit Plugins and find the eNewsletter files, the file at ...e-newsletter/email-newsletter-files/class.wpmudev_dash_notification.php has the following commented-out text:

    /* -------------------- WPMU DEV Dashboard Notice -------------------- */
    /* Note that there are important reasons that we require the Dashboard */
    /* Plugin to be installed. It's vital for security and to prevent free */
    /* /lite plugins/themes on the repo from overwriting and */
    /* erasing your paid for WPMU DEV Premium plugins/themes. Please don't */
    /* remove these notices! More information: */

    When you go to the: it talks about the free version of the Dashboard plugin.

    I had actually just loaded up the plugin a couple of days before for one of my own clients, and I was concerned about him having access to my API key.

    After reading the above information, I sent my client to that link and had him give me the API Key that was associated with his account once he signed up, and I'm using it on his site.

    I don't understand how it is possible to make the plugin free and then say non-paying people can't get their own API Key, especially when there's a "full" version of the Dashboard for those who pay for services.

    The only thing my client can do with the free version of the Dashboard is see all the stuff he can't get until he pays for services. He can't even access the Community through the free Dashboard, but it does give him an API Key.

    He can update the free Dashboard plugin, but he can't update the eNewsletter plugin. There were actually updates for the Dashboard and the eNewsletter plugins when I went into his site to find that commented-out part of that file, and I clicked to update all.

    It updated the free Dashboard, but it didn't update the eNewsletter plugin. It says "Upgrade to Update."

    So, I say all that to say this: This is confusing in light of the fact that there's a free version of the Dashboard and a full, paid version of the Dashboard, and all the free version offers a non-paying person is a key to the API.

    Help me, Patrick! :o)

  • Patrick

    Hi @faydra_deon

    I think your confusion stems from thinking there are 2 versions of the Dashboard plugin. There is only one version, and it is always free. :slight_smile:

    When installed on a site, if you do not log into the Dashboard plugin with your premium WPMUDEV login credentials, or if you login with credentials from a free WPMU DEV account, you will be see upgrade prompts pretty much everywhere. :slight_smile:

    Once you login with your premium WPMU DEV credentials, all those prompts disappear. Access to the API requires a premium account here. Members with free accounts do not have access to the Dashboard API.

    If you are installing the Dashboard on client sites to make it easier for them to manage things, then there are 2 options:
    1. They need a premium account of there own to get there own API key, or
    2. You set it up for them and use your API access.

    As you are an Elite member, you can use the 2nd option on 1000 domains. That's a lot of clients!

    If you do use option #2, only you will have access to the Dashboard on their sites unless you add a constant to their wp-config.php like so:
    define("WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER", "1, 10");

    The numbers correspond to the IDs of admin users on that particular site. As you are likely the one who built the site and installed the Dashboard, your admin ID is likely "1". Assign admin role to your client and add their ID to the constant to give them access to the Dashboard functions too.

  • faydra_deon

    @Patrick Cohen:

    All right. There's only one Dashboard plugin, and it's always free. Got it.

    However, go here:

    Under #4, it says the following: "After installing, you will be prompted to enter your free WPMU DEV API Key, which you can find here. This is necessary to enable automatic updates."

    So my question remains: If the plugin is free and obtaining an API Key is free, then why is it a violation of the ToS to have my client set up his/her own account, since doing so only gives him/her access to what's free and doesn't allow him/her to take advantage of paid services unless he/she upgrades?

    I'm not trying to be difficult. I'm just not understanding why the wording is the way it is. If you're tired of dealing with it, I understand.

  • Patrick


    If you're tired of dealing with it, I understand.

    No, quite the contrary. We're always here to help members understand how our systems work.

    The word "free" on the plugin usage page was meant to infer that obtaining an API key incurs no additional charge.

    But I now see that it can be misleading. I've removed that reference to prevent future misunderstandings. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

    To recap: a premium membership is required in order to access our API services, as seen in our TOS:
    "You must maintain an active subscription with WPMU DEV to make use of API services."

    Also right at the top of the TOS, in the Q&A section, there is this:

    Q: So why should I stay a member?
    A: Because being a member is like having your own WordPress team - guaranteed upgrades, new plugins, new themes, unlimited support, access to our API services, multiple domains and much, much more.

  • faydra_deon

    @Patrick Cohen:

    Thanks for fleshing this out with me, and I'm thankful I've only made this mistake on one client site.

    Since his site isn't even live yet, I can go in and fix this now.

    I also appreciate your diligence in checking up behind those of us who mean to be helpful but may not have interpreted the information in the correct way.

    I know some people take correction very badly, but I welcome it so I don't end up passing out bad information, so thanks, once again, for helping me get this straight.

    I also want to apologize for the misinformation that caused this discussion, but I do hope it will help someone else who had confusion about the meaning of "free" when it came to the API key.

    It wouldn't make much sense to totally delete the post that made this discussion necessary, but is it possible to line through the bad information, so people understand they need to keep reading to know the right information?


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