Affiliates with redirected sites

In order to meet the needs of a client to work with multiple currencies in a store we created a redirect to another store on another domain.

But now he pointed out that he wants to provide affiliates. So I installed Affiliates.

But now I'm wondering what will happen with the commission made in "the other" store. Will it work when people are just redirected to the homepage of the main site?

If not could you help me out with some smart ideas?
So what I want to happen is a multi currency store and affiliates that works on both currencies. Bur since this is a international company it is hard to tell what the buyers in the end will use as their currency.

I hope my question is clear...


  • Alexander

    Hi @Biz2Web,

    When a user comes into a site running Affiliates, the tracking cookie is setup. It can't transfer to another domain or site, so if you redirect, the tracking information will be lost. You can of course run two separate instances of Affiliates - one on each site, but they would be dependent.

    I think where I'm still a bit unclear is with the multiple currencies. So you have two sites, and each has one currency. Is this correct?

    Also, which plugin are you using affiliates in conjunction with? MarketPress? Membership?


  • pianoman

    I try and tell it like it is without much sugar coating. So here is my opinion - WPMU Dev staff are free to disagree.

    Unless special code was put in place I am 99.999 percent certain affiliates will not be properly compensated. I am making the assumption that the multiples stores use different underlying databases or at the least different underlying tables.

    Frankly, the redirect idea is going to require some substantial coding and customization to allow affiliates to earn and retain commissions between the stores.

    If I were doing this, I would look at the following options:

    1) Look for an affiliate solution out-of-the-box that supports multiple currencies in the same store. Unfortunately, not every WPMU Dev solution is a good fit out-of-the-box but the fact is you do get the source code which makes it much easier to have custom solutions developed.

    2) Look for and plan to pay for customization to support multiple currencies.

    3) Maintain separate affiliate sites for each currency then have a reporting module built that aggregates the results across all the separate platforms.

    You might want to consider a high-end product such as They start at $19 a month through $99 a month or you can buy a permanent license (the high end version is $1,899),

    This product supports a very large number of currencies and has an exchange rate autoupdater, If you want to sign up for an affiliate account with them and send me the affiliate check, I definitely won't object :slight_smile:

  • Biz2Web

    @pianoman, You are right, but it is not that the affiliate is the main activity. It is a shop taht should be able to checkout in two currencies. $ and €. Unfortunately Marketpress does not support that. That's why...

    Some of the visitors probably would like to become affiliate and it is not clear whether they will lead to the $ or to the € shop.

    That is where the issue starts. Not paying the affiliates, but knowing where the customers they bring in will go to.

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