Affiliates with WooCommerce and ability to add services & products?

Hey there,

I'm thinking about creating an affiliate system for my products and services. Just wondering if the affiliates plugin work with WooCommerce out of the box?

Also is there an option to add lines (Sold services) afterwards? My services include hosting, plugins, Design services for logos, flyers, banners etc. and ofsource web-design services and i would like to be able to later add payment amounts for affiliates.

Example would be 10% from 2200€ web design service. Is it possible to add later when i only know the budget later on? I would really like to use the power off the affiliate system but the payment system is backwards usually. Any thoughts for a solution with this kinda behaviour?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Niki

    I hope you are well today.

    Out of the box Affiliates wouldn't be able to auto-credit an account, such as if they buy something using WooCommerce that wouldn't register on the account, It does work with MarketPress out of the box and that may be a good starting point to go from for customization to integrate with WooCommerce :slight_smile:

    Yes that would be possible to add later, if you aren't sure of the cost at first, i.e if say you get a job to do through a contact form or similar, then you could go to Affiliates > manage Affiliates > search their username and apply a credit/debit/payment.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member!

    Kind Regards

  • Niko

    Hey @Jack

    Thanks for your thoughts about this! I have to look into the WooCommerce solution later on when have time to study integrating the systems.

    Actually throu contact form this would be easier since there is an ability do custom changes. Thanks for that! Is there any guides how to get the affiliate system work with the contact form 7? I guess the sent form is assigned sumhow for the referred affiliate as a lead automatically?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Niki

    I'm afraid there's no sort of official guide so to speak, but if your looking to do this automatically (i.e assign the credit to the affiliate at send of form etc or the other way around), then I'd suggest taking a look at one of the current add-ons within affiliate's it's self.

    Some good starting points would be > affiliates > affiliates includes > add-ons and take a look through the code in them add-ons to create your own and affiliates > affiliates includes > classes and the includes functions.php file as well :slight_smile:

    Or of course you could just add the credits manually in the affiliates dashboard.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • mattkoshko

    Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I went a different route as in not using the Affiliate plugin from WPMU. It was going to be too much custom work to integrate properly.

    I'm also not thrilled with the functionality offered with Affiliate. My websites have tens of thousands of members, many of whom have expectations when it comes to affiliate data/capabilities.

    We may simply develop our own plugin and do it properly. If we do move forward and release something, we'll let you know!

  • Niko

    Hey Guys,

    This project was set on hold for a time since i too found it's kinda timetaking. WPMU dev:s affiliate plugin would require a good deal of gustomication to achieve this but i think there may be an alternative solution. Haven't tested it out myself yet but.

    WP-Affiliate can captures leads and seems to have a good backend.

    It also integrates with woocommerce and has tutorials for doing so See here.

    That would seem just the right plugin for this job imo. Hope it helps and keep em thoughts coming! This is an intresting case indeed :slight_smile:

  • shawng

    I can't wait to see what @mattkoshko releases. After reading about his other custom project, I am left drooling at the idea of being able to have some of the functionality he has.

    For WooCommerce affiliates, I went with this plugin:

    It works fantastic, but it does not integrate with the pro-sites or memberships plugin here at wpmu and it would take a considerable amount of modifications to make it perfectly integrated. For what it is though, it is rock solid and was worth the investment.

  • Dinnae

    Understandable that WPMU has Marketpress, so they don't want to add functionality to integrate with Woo... but WPMU is shooting themselves in the foot here. I have a client with a massive existing client base, a site he's had for quite awhile, running on Woo and Divi. He loves both, does NOT want to change, has no reason to. But he wants to add an affiliate program. I love WPMU, want to use the plugins, but in this instance, I can't go with Affiliates when I would love to do so. The customization would not be worth the bother. :slight_frown:

    Just because it's not a system that WPMU created, doesn't mean that the integrations shouldn't be created to allow for a broader customer base. Think of it this way: you're all in the same industry, looking for e-commerce sites to support, but different strokes for different folks, some will prefer woo, some will prefer mp, and that's ok. It's all about solving problems, and serving needs, not making sure that people have to transfer EVERYTHING over to your plugins. That is a very short-sighted view. Plus, woo is a far more robust system right now (yes, you pay out of the nose for extensions), so it's understandable that their marketshare right now is bigger. You want more of it? Expand the integrations so more people can use it, and you might end up having a whole slew of loyal new customers.

    On that note... I find it ridiculous that WMPU does NOT have an affiliate program themselves. Just because you are paying people to promote you, doesn't mean that they aren't as loyal as those you aren't paying. Just saying.

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