After activating multisite the non www site url redirects to signup

After activating multisite on a single WordPress installation the non www site url redirects to sign up. Tried default htaccess and remove everything from the wp-config except default codes. Nothing worked.

  • Ash

    Hello Chris Beaudrie

    The issue is not with the non-www version of the site, rather that it is related to SSL certificate setup. When SSL was set up on your server, there is a redirect from non-www to www and that works well with your site. For example, if you visit (notice, it's https) then it correctly redirected to But the problem starts when you type (that is same as, http version) and then it doesn't get redirection rather it is pointed to the site directory. So it falls under a indefinite redirect loop.

    Would you please ask your host to configure in such way so that the non-www with http version doesn't just point to the site directory, rather it gets redirected to the www version?

    As a side note, it was working in single wordpress site as in single site, wordpress considers the www and non-www version as the same site and set a redirect automatically. But on a multisite, www version of the site can be a subsite url or just can be used as mapped domain for a subsite keeping www version as the main site. That's why multisite tends to ignore this auto redirection.

    Hope it helps! Have a nice day!


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