After I get a partial dashboard, wherever I go untreated as I’m not a member

After I get a partial dashboard, wherever I go untreated as I’m not a member

Last week I put a post in on how to configure Google analytics for in them you site. After posting, I type my email address and again, verify that it was me. But never got a response. Yesterday I logged in found the response not the original, ticket.

Gave me a link to authorize you to login to the system. I got to that page it wouldn’t let me look it up because it says I’m not a member.

Return to the ticket and tried to leave a comment. Wasn’t able to do that because I’m not a member.

I have been having trouble getting emails for a couple years. There’s some hope because our man is a login I used two or three years ago. I think I may have two of you accounts. The name would probably RMahon and the email address would be

Today I did give you access to my account. I was able to download instructions on how to make Google analytics and out hosted on my G Dr. (a gmail app)I am attempting to do that now. I would appreciate if you give this your top priority because your system is almost useless the way it is. The last time I had a problem with you I felt that I was completely abandoned, by a rep that I had a high respect for.

Just recently at my new email to this MU account. If you need to contact me, send a text message to my cell. At 352-446-0164. May be the only way you can communicate with me.

The problem has gotten worse since I changed my email, because the week before I made an inquiry into a global search. I was able to see the reply and the suggestion.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, rmahon

    I’ve looked through the questions you’ve asked on the forum, and it looks like staff has helped out each time. It seems you were having some problem replying, I can help with that.

    You can post a question from the dashboard, but you need to be logged in and post any replies on the forum itself. This is the link to your previous thread:

    It looks like you got your dashboard working, you’ve enabled support access successfully.

    You mention you’ve been having trouble getting emails, do you mean emails sent from your WordPress site, or email in general? We can help with the first issue, but you should follow the instructions Google provides for setting up your gmail account. If your gmail/Google account is set up incorrectly, that may account for why you’re having problems with the Google Analytics + plugin, as well.

    If you experience more problems with the dashboard, check out our usage guide, here:

    I’m sorry you feel you’ve been treated poorly, but we’ve replied to each question you’ve asked. If you haven’t replied to us, we can’t know you still need help. Our system works, as long as you’re logged in with the account you used to purchase your plan, which is the account with the username rmahon, and you’re replying on the forum, rather than from within the dashboard.

    You can see a list of all your posts here:

    Thank you for your feedback.

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