After I get a partial dashboard, wherever I go untreated as I’m not a member

After I get a partial dashboard, wherever I go untreated as I’m not a member

Last week I put a post in on how to configure Google analytics for in them you site. After posting, I type my email address and again, verify that it was me. But never got a response. Yesterday I logged in found the response not the original, ticket.

Gave me a link to authorize you to login to the system. I got to that page it wouldn’t let me look it up because it says I’m not a member.

Return to the ticket and tried to leave a comment. Wasn’t able to do that because I’m not a member.

I have been having trouble getting emails for a couple years. There’s some hope because our man is a login I used two or three years ago. I think I may have two of you accounts. The name would probably RMahon and the email address would be

Today I did give you access to my account. I was able to download instructions on how to make Google analytics and out hosted on my G Dr. (a gmail app)I am attempting to do that now. I would appreciate if you give this your top priority because your system is almost useless the way it is. The last time I had a problem with you I felt that I was completely abandoned, by a rep that I had a high respect for.

Just recently at my new email to this MU account. If you need to contact me, send a text message to my cell. At 352-446-0164. May be the only way you can communicate with me.

The problem has gotten worse since I changed my email, because the week before I made an inquiry into a global search. I was able to see the reply and the suggestion.