After import active members listed as expired

I tried updating for a while and managed to update to Membership 3.5.33 and then to M2. However, I am faced with a couple of issues.

The member and subscriptions were available from WPMU DEV DASHBOARD synced data but when I imported that data into Familytreeartstudio, then the users+subscriptions were imported, but users were listed under "expired" and not under "active subscribers".

So we need to understand as to exactly why this happened, and what will be changed after the update. Also had to set up PayPal/payment gateway info again as it was not available after import.

This is my test site. However, I have an actual site with several members/subscribers, if things go the way they are going now on the test site, I'll lose all my current membership. Also, the current PayPal/payment gateway info will be lost as well. Please advise.