After initial setup, how do I implement Pro Sites on my registration page?

Hi all,

Let me start by saying Im very new to this but this is what im trying to build:

A main ecommerce site where people can create accounts (for shopping) for free. They also have the option to create their own stores under my site (as subdirectories) for a monthly subscription. I am not taking commission of their sales, just charging them monthly, with the firs 30 days for free.

Here is what I have set up so far:
Pro Sites - to handle what each site would get
Membership - to manage which users are shoppers and which are store owners

I know Pro Sites and Membership can't be integrated with each other, so Im having the users create accounts first. So my question is how can I implement pro sites once they have accounts? Either right after they create their accounts or after being members for a while?

Sorry if its a noobie question, but any help is appreciated.

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    Hi @clos

    Welcome to the forums!

    If you are allowing free registration on your site, and have no need to restrict access to site content at this time, you really don't need the Membership plugin at all. That just complicates things for now.

    If, later on, you want to implement different levels of membership, then install it at that time. But for now, leave it deactivated.

    In your setup, MarketPress should be network-activated so it is available to all sub-sites. You can choose to enable the global shopping cart if you wish so shoppers can add stuff to their carts from up to 10 stores. (They still need to checkout from each store individually though... global cart does not mean global checkout.)

    However, if you do enable the global cart, the only payment gateway that can be used is PayPal Express Checkout. If you want your store admins to have a choice of payment gateways, leave the global cart disabled.

    Now to Pro Sites... this is where you make your money. :slight_smile:

    In the Pro Sites General Settings, scroll down to the Free Trial setting and set that to 30 days.

    Then, just below, select the Pro Site level you wish to grant for the free trial (if you haven't yet created your levels, nothing will show in the dropdown, so you should maybe do that first).

    When on the free trial, your store admins will see a message (that you can customize) at the top of their wp-admin continually prompting them to click and pay:
    You have DAYS days left in your LEVEL free trial. Checkout now to prevent losing LEVEL features »

    Once they click that upgrade link (or the Pro Upgrade menu item in their wp-admin), they will be redirected to your upgrade page on the front-end of your site.

    If you wish to offer them the option of signing up right away for a paid Pro Site when they register, simply check the "Show Option On Signup" box in the General Settings.

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