After installing multi-db wp continues reading and writing in the old database?

I installed the multi-db plugin, complete the installation process and migration of tables, but I have a question: My wordpress continue reading and writing in the old database? I have to keep it, as well as the wp-config?

I am very satisfied with your products, thanks!

  • Vaughan

    Hi @mauricio,

    Multi-DB spreads the load between databases, however, it will only do this when it has to, depending on the size of your blogs, then it might not need to. Multi-DB will not be beneficial until you have at least a thousand or so blogs,

    Did you upload the move-blogs.php file and execute it in your browser? and copy the db.php & db-config.php files to the wp-content/ folder?

    Let’s upload move-blogs.php first. We recommend creating a folder inside wp-content called “scripts” and uploading the file there. It really doesn’t matter though, as long as you remember where you put it as we’ll need to head there in our web browser next.

    Hope this helps

  • Mauricio

    Tanks for reply, Vaughan!

    Sorry if I was not clear, I do not speak well in your language.

    I still have few sites in my network, but multi-db will be very good to do the maintenance of the bases when necessary. And when my network grow upI will be prepared for volume of data.

    I installed with multi-db success and successfully migrated DBs, just got some doubts of how it will work:

    1 - Can I delete the old database and work only with the new DBs, or is it still necessary?

    Thank you!

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