After last upgrade several wpmu plugin, can not login to other domain


After I upgrade several plugin from wpmu such domain mapping, etc (last update from wpmu, i can remember exactly the list), i can not login anymore to a domain that i register in multi-domain.
before upgrade a plugin, i can login to, but now i can not.

main site is, and i create in multi domain plugin, and i create a

if i input a correct username and password, it will back to a login page without any warning, if i use a wrong password, it will give me a warning about a wrong username or password.
i also try to create and using an existing user, and put it as a member of that subdomain and try to login with no success.

i also try to create a and but it have similiar problem.

i also try to enable and disable a single signon that by default i turn it on.

can you help me ?

thank you