After mapping domain how do i get it to my wordpress install so domain mapping can pick it up?

Hello guys and girls i need a little help please.

I have install domain mapping and followed it step by step and have change the domain im using to test it to the relevant ip address.

I waited and now the domain has the right ip address however just getting the server landing page.

I know its not the plugins fault and all i need to do is get my server to point the domain to the wordpress root folder.

All the info i have read is very vague or overly complicated and just wish someone could break it down step by step for me.

I have full root access and running plesk 11 so no issues regarding shared hosting etc. This word press is also the only one that will ever be run on this server, not sure if that makes a difference.

Obviously as plesk makes each domain its own section on the hardrive complete with error logs etc, please bear that in mind.

Would be great if the developer could hope in and lend a hand.

Please remember i am a novice when it comes to server admin stuff so you have to break it down for me :grinning:slight_smile:)