After updating WP-Types and Beaver Builder, layout breaks

After updating WP-Types and Beaver Builder, the layouts no longer function correctly.

This is a bit of a complex issue. WP-Types and Beaver Builder keep passing the buck.

On the original site with old versions of these plugins, everything works. But after updating, JS Errors are thrown and the layout breaks.

No WP_DEBUG output generated, but there’s some JS errors are thrown.

The Uncaught Type Error is coming from /wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache/2246-layout.js?ver=4501593d51622f451688d96dae41f40a

When the cache is cleared, the error persists.

Any ideas on this one?

  • maxwebgear
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yeah, it’s pretty strange. If I perform a clean install. the problem doesn’t exist. It’s only when I import the current tables that the problem arises. I slowly started replacing the tables on a new install one by one and it looks like it pops up with wp_postmeta table, but it looks pretty clean based on WPMU. So it could be a field in the wp_postmeta is triggering the JS conflict?

    Of course when I remove the wp-views plugins (the GUI visual for wp-types) the problem goes away and the design renders itself fine.

    I have this to both developers for review and so far both are doing a great job of playing ping pong. :slight_smile:

    If I can’t get a resolution, I may try to do a clean install for single site and export the tables to it in order to see what happens.

    We are paying a lot of money licenses and memberships to left alone on this for so long. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • maxwebgear
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Well guys, I have the resolution. For those of you that have used the legacy combo of Beaver Builder and Types… the problem resides in that WP-Types and Beaver Builder now conflict if a content template is assigned to a page.

    Prior to 2.2 WP-Views would play nice with BB in this instance, but now a content view and a BB driven page generate a JS error and breaks the page. In our case WP-VIews supersedes the hierarchy and so BB elements do not work.

    Now it gets a little deeper because the language at WP-Views (WP-Types) claims that if you don’t use Layouts (their GUI), everything is fine. This is not true because our dev site only have WP-Types, WP-Views, and BB.

    Finally, we discovered that BB allows you to determine the type of content you want BB to interact with. By default on one site, we had it just assigned to “pages” and not “posts” or “custom post types” generated by WP-Types. In order for the two to play nice, we had to enable BB on the custom post type and then simply not use it. I know… just the kind of stuff we like… oddities…

    But this also explains why the two plugins show zero conflict with a “clean install” and why if you “reset” the wp_postmeta” table, the two plugins will kind of work right.

    This little tidbit took us about three weeks to hammer through. Hopefully this will help out anyone that runs across this issue.

    The solution is pretty easy. Just disable the content template for any BB page.

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