After Upgrade, user need to login to update table?

Hi,.. its been long time after my question for upgrade multisite from 2.9 to 3.1.

And now we have to go to new stage for check blog themes. And i found not all blog have the option_name = current_theme (and 2 more related option) availabel in their wp_*_options.

But, when i tried to access one of the user where didnt have the options, everything looks okay -no error. And i tried to login to their dashboard, and still everything okay.

I remembered somewhere, or here or WordPress forum said about the upgrade process. The user need to login after upgrade, so the process will be completed for their specific table.

Maybe some one can point me or explain about this?

  • leksa
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks Phil for the question.

    Well, my question is about the wp_*_options. There is a “field = option_name”, with some values there. One of it should be “current_theme”. But the old WP (less than 3.0) doesnt have that value.

    So, after i upgrade our WP engine to 3.1, still i dont have that value for some blogs. I check some blogs that doesnt have the value via network-admin/dashboard. And i found the “current theme” option not there. But after i logged in to user-dashboard, than check again the “field = option_name”, the value was created.

    So, thats why i asked, if someone here have reference about the upgrade process for user table. And if my assumption is true, then the upgrade process for user table is completed when the user login first time.

    *sorry for my english. i just want make sure. Because i need to learn about the upgrade process, and think to make this work better.

  • leksa
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks Phil.

    maybe i should try to get some more research about upgrade process in wordpress Multisite.

    Just think about how to control the upgrade process.

    What i think is the upgrade process like Facebook or Twitter does. They change their layout and added features gradually for users.

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