After user purchases paid membership he does not get placed in paid subscription

Good evening,

I am using the latest version of the Membership plugin.

I am using the PayPal Single Payments Gateway.

I have 2 subscriptions and 2 access levels. One is for a paid subscription. The other is default subscription a user gets put in after registering for an account (I call this "Pending Membership")

The paid subscription has a Mode of Finite, a Period of 4 Days, and a Price of $1.00 USD.

On the General Options page, the Stranger Access Level is set to Visitors. And the Default Subscriptions for Registered Users is set to Pending Membership.

On the Configurations page, the Membership Renewal is set to 2 Days, and the Membership Upgrade is set to 1 Day.

I have IPN enabled on my PayPal account and copied and pasted the URL on the Payment Gateway page into my PayPal IPN field.

Here is a description of my issue:

- Once a user registers for an account. he is correctly placed into the the Pending Membership subscription.

- Then once he clicks the yellow PayPal Subscribe button and continue to PayPal, he completes the purchase.

- When he comes back to the site after making the purchase in PayPal, he did not get moved out of the Pending Membership subscription and into the paid subscription. As a result, he cannot get access to the special pages that only members in the paid subscription plan can...even though he bought a membership with PayPal!

- The user got email confirmation that his PayPal payment went through. And when I check my company's PayPal account I also see that they received the payment from the user.

- When I look in the WP admin, I see that the user is still listed as being in the Pending Membership subscription, even though he paid for his membership by clicking the yellow Subscribe button and proceeding to PayPal.

- Also, when the user views his Subscription page, he still sees the yellow PayPal button and is able to submit payment again, even though he already did!

Can you please look into as soon as possible. I don't understand how this would happen.

I also just granted you access to my dashboard.

Thank you.