AGAIN - how do I delete (classifieds, Directory,Ultimate Branding)

How do I delete these... they wont go away? There's no delete option even though they're inactive.

  • Alexander

    Hey there, Christopher and I spoke over email regarding this.

    If the delete option is not available in network admin, then the plugin is still activated somewhere on your network. If the option is available, you can "network deactivate" the plugin, then proceed to remove it.

    If it's already deactivated on the network side, you will need to check each sub site and make sure that it is deactivated. Only after it is not in use can it be deleted from the network admin plugins page

    This deletion process is not at all related to our plugins, rather it's built into Wordpress Multisite to prevent accidental deletion of plugins that are in use.

    An alternative would be to simply delete each plugin folder from wp-content/plugins

    I hope this clears things up. If you still need help getting these removed, let me know.

  • Christopher

    The plug-ins were indeed still enabled in the 2nd of 2 'sites' (2nd created after plugins were installed, intended for the calendar specifically)...
    All plugins were installed via the WPMU DEV control panel only.
    Once deactivated, the plugins still would not delete using the multi-select check box and delete method, and had to be deleted individually.
    Regardless, I am deleting all wordpress files, and starting from scratch.

    As a side note, on several occasions I was unable to authenticate to your WPMU site via the Google authenticator, which only hung... to get around this I would go to the main page, then authenticate. This was a significant problem when originally signing up, not knowing my actual user name, then having to set up the WPMU dev control panel. As a result, I may have 2 accounts, one with this user name, and one with my email address.

  • Alexander

    Hey Christopher,

    I'm sorry to hear you're starting from scratch, but understand if you just want a fresh start with the site.

    If you signed up with google it would have generated a username for you. Feel free to respond back on our email conversation at anytime if you'd like us to give you that username - then you won't need to authenticate via Google+ first.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,